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Joe Farrell
Delaware NEMO Coordinator

University of Delaware
Delaware Sea Grant Program
700 Pilottown Road
Lewes, DE 19958
(302) 645-4250



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Linking Land Use and Water Quality

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Low Impact Development (LID) is an approach to stormwater management that emphasizes the use of natural site features and small scale stormwater controls to conserve water on site and mimic natural hydrologic patterns. LID techniques can be used for new developments, stormwater retrofits, or community redevelopment – and for residential or commercial projects. A great advantage is flexibility. LID approaches can be integrated to maximize the use of natural land features–and ecosystem services–and reduce project costs.


National Atlas Project

A new initiative for Delaware NEMO is to map LID sites in Delaware on the National NEMO LID Atlas. Delaware NEMO is serving as a hub to provide local Delaware examples of LID techniques used to manage stormwater. Those interested in using these techniques can view sites online - or go visit the sites for a first-hand view. LID installers and/or designers can submit their projects to be included in the LID atlas database.


If you are interested in having your site highlighted please fill out the LID site registration form. Once your form is received it will be reviewed to make sure your project meets general LID criteria, then your project will be posted to the Delaware NEMO LID Atlas. You can also view your project along with other LID efforts across the United States by going to the National NEMO LID Atlas. Feel free to share this link with others or post it on your website!


Low Impact Development Roundtable

The LID Roundtable–hosted by Delaware NEMO–provides an informal setting for open discussion and dialogue on issues related to low impact development in Delaware, and more specifically coastal Sussex County. Participants include Sussex County developers, design consultants, local government, state agency, and university representatives. 

For more information or to participate in upcoming meetings, please contact Delaware NEMO coordinator, Joe Farrell